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If you have completed the payment process, you must fill out the enrollment form completely and accurately. If you do not provide all the information required to process your application, your 2019 Principals’ Test Online Review will be delayed and may be denied. Your IP address has been recorded to prevent fraud. You will receive a response within 24 hours. Thank you!


TeacherPH may require verification (1 Valid Government ID with Address and 1 Valid DepEd ID) of any user to uphold the TeacherPH Terms of Service. Possible reasons TeacherPH might require you to verify your identity include:

  • To establish ownership of accounts showing suspicious or high-risk activity
  • To determine ownership of duplicate accounts
  • To specify that you are connected to DepEd
  • To assist you in resuming your account
  • Any other reason that TeacherPH deems appropriate, including random checks to maintain the integrity of the online review

If you are unable to verify your identity, TeacherPH may, at our discretion:

  • Declined your enrollment (we will refund you all tuition paid less a processing fee of 10% of the tuition price.)
  • Suspend or close your account (no refund)
  • Suspend or close suspected duplicate accounts (no refund)

Please note that we only accept online applications. We do not accept Walk-in Applications.

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How do I know I have been properly enrolled?.

Look for a confirmation email from TeacherPH Principals’ Test Online Review ([email protected]) signed by principalstest.com. Please send us a message if you do not receive a confirmation email within 24 hours.

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