What made you decide to take the Principals' Test?


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This is a very important question. This question is also included in the Principals' Test Application. Every member ought to answer this. Please indicate also your Region. Thank you.


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I am a head teacher 3 for 18 years and I want to take the principals exam so that if ever i'll pass the exam, I will be qualified for principal 1


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I served already as an School In-charge for almost 8 years in two schools, currently I'm pursuing my MAEd-EM graduate studies.


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I want to serve fully to all our stakeholders, If God's will that i pass the exam it will make it happen.


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i am a graduate of masters of arts in industrial education major in administration and supervision, also i want to have some changes in education and i think i can made it if the Lord allow me to be one of the school head ?

Neil Memita

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By GOD's will, I want to lead a certain school with my leadership skills and management background as manifested from my educational attainment and experiences


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aspiring to hold people at work , One must cultivate leadership in school visioning to take care of young minds by adopting clinical supervision and to understand impact on behavior at workplace .


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To better serve the core of the curriculum, the learners, and of course the entire school community and stakeholders. I want to be a catalyst of change in education in the society utilizing my skills in communication, instructional leadership, school management and operations.